Grit Lit 4 line up announced!

Grit Lit presents the following writers for the upcoming December 3rd event:

John O’Donoghue with an extract from Sectioned: A Life Interrupted (John Murray) which won this year’s Mind Book of the Year award.

Louise Halvardsson, who won the Young Adult Fiction newcomer award in her native Sweden in 2007, reading her surreal shorty story Suicidal Girlfriends.

London based writer, Dan Holloway from underground writers’ collective Year Zero, reading a truly gritty short from his Razorblades anthology.

Brighton based writer and poet, Akila, has had her short stories published in Penguin’s Eleven Years anthology and has been on tour supporting her work in anthology, RED. Her poignant extracts catalogue aspects of African lives.

Erinna Mettler, up and coming Brighton writer reading Underneath, a short story about relationships and vintage underwear…

Australian writer, Rob Paraman, a contributor to Westcoast Magazine, Cutting Teeth, and Queenspark anthology, Alt History, reading a hilarious extract from his novel Having the Glide.

And your hosts:

Amy Riley, journalist (Trash Menagerie, K-Mag) and short story writer (Queenspark), reading an extract from her novel in progress.

Tim Lay, award winning novelist whose new book Nibs: A Collection of Short Stories is now available from Callio Press, reading a short story set in the wild west (Devon!) during the free party years of the early 90’s.


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