One week away….12 May Grit Lit!

It’s the final week before we take over our favorite coffee house in Kemptown. Tim and I are doing double time, checking in with all the writers, and also making sure we’re secure for our equipment and night track list.

One of the features of the night is soliciting song requests from writers, which will form part of the night’s soundtrack. It makes for eclectic listening. Last time (in deepest darkest snowy December) we had Irish dirges mixed with 90s grunge meets yacht rock. You really never know with these writers!

Here’s a sneak preview of Neil, one of our ‘stars’ for the nights. I say this because we have two freshly published books from our lot, which is even more reason to get on the rooftops and shout on their behalf.

The other newly published is Ed Siegle, who’s on Brighton & Hove publisher Myriad Editions. We’re big fans of their work – well chosen.

Here’s Neil. It’s his Penguin book promotional video. Lovely. 

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