Grit Lit 8: December 6th 2012. Confirmed lineup.

Grit Lit 8
Sex Drugs and Rockin’ Prose…

We are most pleased to announce a stonking line up for December’s Grit Lit – a clash of fiction and non fiction that promises to deliver a sizeable bite! (and more AKAs than you can shake a stick at!). Get your advance tickets here!

Brandon Block. Superstar DJ, clubland legend, caner extraordinaire…. Brandon has lived a colourful life and we get to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth (via his biography The Life and Lines of Brandon Block, written by Matt  Trollope)

Nina De La Mer, author of rave inspired reads from her novel in progress.
Simon Nolan (AKA Simon Maginn), acclaimed horror writer, reads from his novel Whitehawk.
Brian Bell (AKA Charlie McQuaker) songwriter and author of Die Hard Mod.
Colette Berhardt, Guardian journalist and winner of the 2011 Digital Festival’s Flash Lit Fiction slam.
Mathilda Gregory (AKA Mathilde Madden), comedy writer for the BBC.

The Redroaster, St James St, Brighton. December 6th. 7.45-10pm





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