Grit Lit was started in 2009 by Tim Lay and Amy Zamarripa Solis.  The idea was to promote a literary night based in Brighton that focused on writing and authors from the edgier side of the tracks.

Fiction and non-fiction feature on the bill. Grit Lit format: 8 writers, reading their work in 15 minute slots. The nights are hosted by Geoff Westby.

In 2010, Grit Lit was voted Best Literature Event at the Brighton Fringe awards. Over the course of time it has helped to launch authors’ careers as well as featuring established authors.

In 2011 Grit Lit joined forces with other Brighton based literary promoters (The Story Studio and paragraph Planet) to launch Flash Lit, an annual Brighton Digital Festival event.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi – i’m a brighton-based writer – do you have a mailing list? i’d be interested in submitting but have only just found you (too late for May festival)… Bestest Emma

    1. Hi Emma,
      Sorry for slack response. Slow in getting the WordPress thing up and running! Please do submit to gritlit@gmail.com as we are looking for writers for the next event in the autumn. May 13th gig should be a good one. If you come down introduce yourself. Cheers! Tim

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